Umrah and tourism company

It is an Umrah and tourism company that provides Umrah, Hajj, and legitimate tourism services. The company makes all the necessary arrangements to make the customers’ trip to the Holy Lands an easy, enjoyable and unforgettable trip, and so that the customers perform the rituals in spiritual calm. رواد لدراسات الجدوى  / قطر/ الحج والعمرة  / السعودية / الخليج

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The project is an Umrah and tourism company that provides Umrah, Hajj and tourism services. The company makes all necessary arrangements to make the customers’ trip to the Holy Lands an easy, enjoyable and unforgettable trip, and for the customers to perform the rituals in spiritual calm. This is through multiple capabilities and a distinguished crew of employees throughout the season who are only present to serve visitors to the Holy House of God, in addition to the conscious management that plans with advanced thought to raise the level of services provided to customers while maintaining the best price offered to the customer within the limits of the best service provided by a work team that is keen to provide the best service possible. Providing the best service to visitors to His Sacred House to perform their rituals, whether Hajj or Umrah. The company provides accommodation services in the city of Mecca, hotel reservations, transportation, and introduction to the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, and also provides transportation between Mecca and Medina for pilgrims and Umrah performers, in an attempt to satisfy the largest possible segment of customers by paying attention to the smallest possible details that always make the customer special.

executive summary

  • About the project
  • Financial indicators
  • Justifications for establishing the project
  • Government investment incentives in the project field
  • Target markets
  • Indicators and final results of the project

Study project services/products

  • Description of the project and all its products/services
  • Project features and production requirements

Market size study

  • Familiarity with distribution channels
  • Consumer behaviour, desires and natures
  • Competitors' products or services, and what are their strengths and weaknesses
  • The nature of the market and its characteristics
  • The volume of demand for the product or service provided
  • Available share of the target market
  • The ideal way to market

The technical study

  • Detailed description of the project products, expected production capacity, and determination of investment costs
  • Determine the volume of electrical energy and water
  • Determine the project's labor needs
  • Determine project requirements
  • Calculating building and construction costs
  • Calculate the total capital
  • Determine annual operating costs
  • Determine the amount of working capital

Financial study

  • The total investment costs required for the project
  • Organizing statements of flows and income, as well as a statement of financial position for the first ten years of operation
  • Determine the size of the project’s expected annual revenues in light of the specified operational capacities
  • The optimal financing structure for the project in light of the capabilities of investors and the conditions for granting financing
  • Project financial indicators and sensitivity analysis

Organizational and administrative study

  • Project manpower
  • Organizational Chart
  • Functional tasks

Risk study

  • hazard identification
  • Impact of risks on the project
  • Ways to prevent risks
  • Transporting and housing pilgrims
  • Tourist trips after Umrah
  • Having an excellent technical support team
  • Availability of advanced flexible management
  • Availability of creative thought and sophistication in transactions
  • Providing accommodation and subsistence services
  • Transportation and travel insurance arrangements
  • Organizing coordinated and organized tour programs
  • The quality of the services provided and their suitability for all levels

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