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((Rawad for Business Development provides the administrative restructuring service for establishments in the government and private sectors by specialized experts in this field, as Rowad has extensive experience in the field of administrative restructuring and governance of organizations))

Restructuring components 
• Organizational restructuring
• Functional restructuring
• Administrative restructuring
• Financial restructuring

What is restructuring?
Administrative restructuring is an organizational process that aims to renew the business structure, improve management efficiency, and rebuild the facility’s organizational body in a scientific manner, after analyzing the work needs and job descriptions contained in the organizational structure. Restructuring is relied upon to return the facility to its previous state after facing economic and financial changes. The administrative restructuring process can include several aspects, such as redistribution of tasks, functions, and human and financial resources.

Benefits of restructuring
• Determine basic administrative powers and responsibilities
• Determine employee tasks
• Determine strategic objectives
• Make the right decisions and develop new strategies
• Improving facility performance and increasing efficiency
• Exploiting financial resources and employment to achieve corporate goals

((The Ruwwad Business Development Team establishes and implements projects, starting with setting the goals for the project to be implemented, developing business plans, defining tasks and schedule, implementing legal procedures, building the work team, and determining marketing strategies))

Components of the project establishment service

  • Building the strategy for the facility
  • Building the organizational and administrative structure of the facility
  • Building a business plan for the facility

What is the project establishment service?

It is a service that contributes to the establishment of new projects through preparation, planning and implementation processes, in addition to monitoring and control processes to ensure that the project is based on the correct foundations that guarantee its success.

Benefits of project establishment service

• Achieving strategic compatibility

• Reducing construction and operational costs

• Standardization of standards and standards

• Quality control and assurance

• Consulting and guidance

((Rawad Business Development Team provides a study of business plans to support your companies and institutions in developing and improving your business. This service is considered one of the most important services that helps you develop an accurate and detailed plan for your business, and includes a comprehensive description of business objectives and financial, marketing and operational plans.))

Business plan service components

• Determine the goals, vision, tasks and strategies required to achieve the goals,

• Develop detailed financial plans that include estimating costs, revenues, and expected profits

• Preparing marketing and operational plans that include defining tasks, responsibilities and timelines

What is the business plans service?

Business plans service is : The process of developing a detailed plan for a new or existing business, including a comprehensive description of business objectives and financial, marketing, and operational plans.

Benefits of business plans service

• Determine appropriate financial, marketing and operational goals and plans to achieve the objectives

• Improve business planning and identify financial needs and expectations

• Increase the chances of success for new business projects and improve the performance of current business projects

• Providing a comprehensive guide for making correct administrative decisions.

((Start your journey towards success with Rowad for Business Development! We are here to lead you towards effective marketing strategies and achieving amazing results))

Components of the marketing consulting service

  •  Market and audience analysis: It involves studying and analyzing the market and target audience to determine the needs, interests, and behaviors that can be targeted in a marketing strategy.
  •  Develop a marketing strategy: It involves developing a comprehensive marketing plan that defines the goals, tactics, budget, and timeline for achieving those goals.
  • Implementing marketing campaigns: It includes implementing and managing various marketing campaigns, such as advertisements, promotions, and social media marketing.
  •  Performance measurement and data analysis: It includes measuring the performance of marketing campaigns and analyzing available data to provide reports and consultations to improve results and make strategic decisions.

What is the marketing consulting service?

Aims To provide advice and guidance to companies in the field of marketing. This service includes market analysis, developing marketing strategies, implementing marketing campaigns, measuring performance and analyzing marketing data.

Benefits of marketing consulting service

Increase profits and reduce losses 

Improving marketing strategies: It helps in developing innovative and appropriate marketing strategies for the company, which increases the chances of successful marketing campaigns and increased market share.

Increase awareness and spread: It helps increase awareness of the brand and the products or services provided, and enhances its spread among the target audience.

Optimize resource utilization: It helps in optimizing the use of available marketing resources, such as budget, time and efforts, to achieve the best returns on investment.

Improve decision making: Provides data-driven analytics and consulting to support marketing decision-making, helping to make informed and effective strategic decisions.


((We at Pioneers for Business Development provide specialized internal procedures service. We will work with you to analyze and document your current processes, and identify places that can be improved and better organized. We will develop specific documents and procedures that include clear steps and specific standards for each process))

Components of the internal procedures service

  •  Includes establishing and documenting internal policies and procedures
  •  Determine the responsibilities, powers, and procedures necessary to implement them
  • Train employees to apply these procedures

What is the internal procedures service?

Internal procedures consulting is a service that helps institutions and companies establish detailed and structured internal procedures and policies to organize work and improve performance.

Benefits of internal procedures service

  •  Improve work efficiency
  •  Increase productivity
  •  Regulating performance and improving the quality of services
  •  Improving the level of security and safety within the organization
  •  Improving the level of consistency and organization in work performance

((Rawad Business Development Team provides supply chain consulting to support your companies and institutions in developing and improving your business by achieving high efficiency and reaching low costs thanks to improving your operations and applying best practices. You will obtain a higher quality of products and services, which will increase customer satisfaction and enhance your brand reputation.))

Components of a supply chain consulting service

  • Performance evaluation : It includes analyzing current supply chain performance and identifying areas that need improvement.
  • Process design: It involves developing and improving processes in the supply chain to achieve higher efficiency and lower costs.
  • Implementing solutions: It involves applying new solutions and technologies to improve the performance of the toy chain
    Training and development of employees: Includes providing training and development to supply chain personnel to enhance...
  • Necessary skills and knowledge

What is the supply chain consulting service?
It is the process of providing advice and expertise in the field of supply chain management to companies. The service aims to improve supply chain performance and achieve efficiency and effectiveness in all its stages.

Benefits of supply chain consulting service

Improve efficiency: Consultants help analyze and improve processes and procedures in the supply chain to achieve greater efficiency and reduce costs.
Quality improvement: Helps improve the quality of products and services by implementing best practices and improving quality control processes.
Increase customer satisfaction: Helps better meet customer needs by improving service and providing products in a timely manner and of high quality.
Reducing risks: It helps in analyzing and managing risks in the supply chain and developing strategies to deal with potential challenges and problems.

((Do you want to improve the performance of a company and enhance the quality of your products and services? We at Pioneers understand the importance of effective performance and high quality in the success of any business. Therefore, we provide a performance and quality evaluation service that helps you achieve continuous improvement and develop your business.))

Components of the performance and quality evaluation service

  • Environment analysis: It involves evaluating external factors affecting the company, such as economic, technological, social and political factors.
  • Setting vision and mission: It includes defining the future vision of the company and defining the values and mission it carries.
  • • Setting goals: It involves defining the main goals that the company wants to achieve.
  • Develop strategies and plans: It includes developing strategies to achieve goals and developing detailed plans to implement those strategies.

What is the performance and quality evaluation service?

she The process of setting goals and developing strategies and plans to achieve those goals. This service aims to determine the long-term direction of the organization and achieve competitive superiority in its market.

Benefits of performance and quality evaluation service

  • Achieving competitive superiority: It helps in identifying strategies that help the company achieve competitive advantage in its market and outperform competitors.
  • Improve decision making: Provides comprehensive data and information analysis to help the company make well-informed and well-founded strategic decisions.
  • Company direction: It helps set the long-term direction and guide the company towards achieving its vision and goals.
  • Optimize resource utilization: It helps improve the use of the company's available resources, including financial, human, and technological resources.


((Rawad Business Development Team provides digital transformation service. With our team specialized in digital transformation, we will evaluate your current situation and develop a customized strategy to achieve your goals. We will work to modernize the technical infrastructure and adopt modern technology that suits your needs))

Digital transformation service components

  • Evaluation of current condition: It involves assessing the current technical infrastructure, processes and organizational culture to identify areas that need improvement and opportunities that can be exploited.
  • Digital transformation strategy: It includes developing a comprehensive plan for digital transformation, specifying the goals, stages, and tactics needed to implement it.
  • Technical infrastructure development: It includes adopting modern technology and updating the systems, applications and technical infrastructure necessary to achieve digital transformation.
  • Changing organizational culture: It involves changing an organization's culture, making process improvements, enhancing collaboration, and shifting to a culture based on innovation and technology.

What is the digital transformation service?

Digital transformation service It aims to transform traditional processes and systems in companies into advanced digital models. This service includes adopting modern technology, improving processes, developing digital strategies, and changing the organization's culture to be responsive to technological transformation.

Benefits of digital transformation service

  • Increase efficiency and improve operations: Digital transformation contributes to improving practical efficiency and streamlining processes, which leads to saving time and resources, reducing errors and increasing productivity.
  • Improve customer experience: Digital transformation can improve customer experience by providing easy and flexible digital communication channels and providing innovative and personalized services.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation: Digital transformation helps create new opportunities for business and innovation, whether through developing new digital products and services or exploiting data analytics to make sound strategic decisions.
  • Market competition: Digital transformation gives companies a competitive advantage in the market, as it allows them to benefit from advanced technology


((Do you want to develop your employees’ capabilities, enhance their confidence, and give them the skills necessary for success? Discover our distinguished services in the field of training and development through Rowad Business Development Company.))

Training and development service components

  1. Needs analysis: The organization's needs are assessed and areas that need training and development are identified.
  2. Software design: Appropriate training and development programs are designed according to the organization's needs and goals.
  3. Training implementation: Training and development programs are implemented through workshops, training courses, lectures and individual consultations.
  4. Impact evaluation: The effectiveness of the programs is evaluated and the results and impact they achieve on employees and the organization in general are measured.
  5. Monitor and evaluate: The implementation of the plans is followed up, the results are evaluated, and the necessary improvements are made to ensure continued improvement and growth.

What is the training and development service?

Training and development service One of the important services provided by Rowad Business Development Company to companies and institutions to enhance employee performance and improve operational processes in the organization. This service aims to improve the skills, knowledge and overall performance of the team and develop new strategies and tools to achieve success at work.

With Rowad, you will get:

  1. Customized training programs: We will analyze your needs and design training programs tailored to meet the needs of your team and organization.
  2. Specialized trainers: You will engage with a team of experienced trainers who will deliver training in interactive and innovative ways, ensuring an effective and enjoyable learning experience.
  3. Advanced educational techniques: We use the latest technologies in the training process to ensure effective interaction and participation by the trainees and to achieve the maximum benefit from the training programs.
  4. Evaluation and follow-up: We will evaluate the trainees' performance and follow up to ensure that the desired results are achieved and sustainable development in skills and performance is achieved.

Benefits of training and development service

  1. Enhance knowledge and skills: It helps improve the knowledge and develop the individual skills of employees, helping them perform their work more effectively and achieve success in their career paths.
  2. Enhancing productivity and efficiency: By developing employees' skills and improving their performance, organizations can enhance productivity and efficiency at work and achieve better results.
  3. Enhancing employee satisfaction: Employees feel valued and cared for when they receive training and development opportunities, which leads to increased satisfaction, desire to work, and continuity in the organization.
  4. Promoting innovation and change: The training and development consulting service contributes to promoting innovation and motivating employees to propose new ideas and implement positive changes in the organization.
  5. Enhance customer satisfaction: By improving employee performance and developing their skills, high-quality services are provided to customers, which enhances their satisfaction and loyalty to the organization.

Invest in your most important resource, your team. Contact us today to learn more about our training and development services and how we can help you achieve success and sustainable growth for your organization.

common questions

1. What is management consulting?

• Management consulting is a service that provides advice and expertise to improve the efficiency and performance of business management. Includes areas such as process improvement, management strategies, and business development.

2. How can management consulting benefit my company?

• Management consulting provides insights and solutions to business challenges, helping to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and enhance the company's strategic growth.

3. What types of management consulting do you provide?

• We provide a wide range of services including business planning, strategy development, process improvement, change management, and performance analysis.

4. How does the counseling process take place?

• The consultation process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the company's needs, followed by the development of a customized plan that includes recommendations and implementation steps.

5. Is management consulting suitable for all sizes of companies?

• Yes, we provide consulting services designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from home-based projects and startups to medium-sized enterprises.

6. How long does it take to implement a consulting project?

• Project duration depends on the scope and complexity of services required. It can range from a few weeks for small projects to several months for larger projects.

7. How do you ensure the confidentiality of information?

• We adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and ensure the protection of all data and information of our customers.

8. What is the cost of management consulting?

• The cost of consulting varies depending on the scope of the project and the services required. We provide customized estimates based on each client's needs.

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