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Rowwad for Business Development LLC is a leading company specializing in consulting, feasibility studies and technology. It contributes to establishing and developing businesses for leading, small and medium-sized companies, and is represented by a group of experts in the field of feasibility studies and administrative, strategic and technical consultations.

We provide advisory services, including administrative, technical, financial, executive, digital transformation, performance and quality assessment, risk management, restructuring, internal policies and provisions, and strategic planning. As well as feasibility studies in various sectors, including commercial, industrial, services, food, and health.

We are also keen to empower entrepreneurs and business owners by providing practical workshops and business plans that are appropriate for each company.

At Rowwad, we seek to enhance and expand the scope of our knowledge with the aim of making the company one of the largest economic and administrative consulting companies in Qatar, the Gulf and the world through continuous development and achieving complete customer satisfaction.


Creating prosperous, successful and reliable business solutions, enhancing investment value, strategic project planning and achieving development and growth for all our partners.

the message

Creating a competitive advantage by providing distinguished, high-value and flexible services and providing full support to entrepreneurs and project owners to enhance the growth of our partners’ businesses.


Our established values are to carry out our duties with fairness, trust, confidentiality, commitment and transparency.

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management consultant Rowwad Business Solutions

We at Rowad Company are proud to provide consulting and technical services to the public and private sectors, which contributes to building and thriving the wheel of economic development and entrepreneurship.

Taking care of our partners is our first concern, and we aim to provide distinguished development services Business and continuous improvement, to enable leaders to grow and develop their organizations’ business areas, identify potential growth opportunities and invest in them in accordance with the best pioneering and successful practices, which is reflected in increased productivity and profitability.

Based on our established values, through cooperation with you, we look forward to a better future of growth, development and continued success.

Dr.. Khaled Al-Athba, founder

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Dr. Khaled Al-Adba

Business and energy consulting

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Business consulting

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Digitization consulting

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