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Company offers Pioneers For business development, a feasibility study is being presented for a project that is a marina for small and large tourist boats and yachts, equipped with the finest equipment and the latest equipment used in the boat marina, to be a complex of services that tourists need during a hiking trip. رواد لدراسات الجدوى  / قطر / الخليج

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Company offers Pioneers For business development, a feasibility study is being presented for a project consisting of a marina for small and large tourist boats and yachts equipped with the finest equipment and the latest equipment used in the boat marina to be a complex of services needed by hikers during a hiking trip. A marina with a number of shaded seats for picnickers on the beach, a walkway, and a sandy coast. The project provides many services, such as renting parking lots for yachts and boats of various sizes, large or small. The project also provides a diving training headquarters, an outlet for selling diving and fishing equipment, and an outlet for arranging diving trips for groups. The project also provides a coffee shop, a gas station, and sales outlets. The project seeks to create areas Sustainable urban coordination, creating attraction points for visitors and providing the necessary services.

executive summary

  • About the project
  • Financial indicators
  • Justifications for establishing the project
  • Government investment incentives in the project field
  • Target markets
  • Indicators and final results of the project

Study project services/products

  • Description of the project and all its products/services
  • Project features and production requirements

Market size study

  • Familiarity with distribution channels
  • Consumer behaviour, desires and natures
  • Competitors' products or services, and what are their strengths and weaknesses
  • The nature of the market and its characteristics
  • The volume of demand for the product or service provided
  • Available share of the target market
  • The ideal way to market

The technical study

  • Detailed description of the project products, expected production capacity, and determination of investment costs
  • Determine the volume of electrical energy and water
  • Determine the project's labor needs
  • Determine project requirements
  • Calculating building and construction costs
  • Calculate the total capital
  • Determine annual operating costs
  • Determine the amount of working capital

Financial study

  • The total investment costs required for the project
  • Organizing statements of flows and income, as well as a statement of financial position for the first ten years of operation
  • Determine the size of the project’s expected annual revenues in light of the specified operational capacities
  • The optimal financing structure for the project in light of the capabilities of investors and the conditions for granting financing
  • Project financial indicators and sensitivity analysis

Organizational and administrative study

  • Project manpower
  • Organizational Chart
  • Functional tasks

Risk study

  • hazard identification
  • Impact of risks on the project
  • Ways to prevent risks
  • Sales outlets
  • coffee shop
  • Gas station
  • Large yacht parking rental
  • Boat and yacht parking rental
  • An outlet selling diving and fishing equipment
  • Availability of a diving training facility
  • An outlet that sells and arranges diving trips for groups

The project is characterized by many advantages that make it of great importance, which are evident in the following factors:

  • Creating sustainable urban landscape areas.
  • Protection and exploitation of geological, topographical and natural elements.
  • Creating points of attraction for visitors and providing the necessary services.
  • Comprehensive development and improvement of the waterfront.
  • Exploiting the unique features of the waterfront and developing it to become an international tourist landmark.
  • Building distinguished entertainment and aesthetic facilities according to advanced international standards and specifications.
  • Creating an outlet for residents and visitors.
  • Creating tourist attractions and providing the necessary services for tourists
  • Providing sufficient infrastructure to meet the needs of this project
  • Choosing architectural elements that reflect a harmonious character and attractive design elements
  • Maintaining the growth and stability of the services provided by the Marsa Dar El Hout project.
  • Creating new investment opportunities with good returns.
  • Achieving a good return for the project owner.
  • Employing the workforce and improving their economic and social level.
  • Contributing to covering part of the growing demand for marinas, diving, and tourism services.

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