Practical workshop: How to achieve personal financial stability


A. Muhammad Al-Shorouki

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6 hours


Do you want to improve your personal finance management and prepare to start a successful business? Join us in the “Achieving Financial Stability” course and gain the knowledge and skills needed to build strong financial foundations. You will learn how to manage money effectively, develop strategies for saving and investing, and prepare yourself to start a successful business. Embark on your journey towards financial stability and achieving your financial goals with this distinctive course.

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What do I benefit from?

  1. A deeper understanding of financial awareness: You will learn about the concept of financial awareness and how it can positively impact your financial and personal life. You will learn how to develop and enhance this awareness to make informed financial decisions.
  2. Better financial management: You'll gain the skills to manage your money effectively, from creating a strong personal budget to using wise spending and saving techniques.
  3. Developing saving and investment skills: You will learn how to build effective savings habits and use the right techniques to increase your income and savings. You will also gain a better understanding of investing money and achieving financial returns.
  4. Preparing to start a business: If you are thinking about starting a business, you will benefit from knowing how to analyze opportunities and develop a strategy to build a successful business. You will also learn how to finance and manage your project effectively.
  5. Preparing for financial emergencies: You will learn how to make plans to deal with potential financial emergencies and maintain your financial stability in the event of unexpected financial problems.
  6. Increase confidence in managing your money: You will gain confidence in your interactions with finances and make informed financial decisions, which will contribute to improving the quality of your financial life.
  7. Motivating and inspiring financial success: You will be excited to achieve your financial goals and work towards building a sustainable and prosperous financial future.

Target group

  • Anyone who wants to better manage their personal finances.
  • New entrepreneurs who intend to start a business.
  • Those looking for personal savings and investment strategies.
  • Individuals looking to achieve financial stability and financial success.
  • Anyone who wants to achieve their financial goals better and more effectively.


Day 1: Achieving financial awareness and money management

  1. Discover the world of financial awareness
    • Definition and importance of financial awareness.
    • How to develop financial awareness and its impact on your life.
  2. Detecting errors and previous experiences
    • Analyze wrong financial thoughts, actions, and past experiences.
    • Drawing lessons and how to avoid repeated financial mistakes.
  3. Saving and savings
    • The importance of saving and building effective saving habits.
    • Strategies to increase the ability to save.
  4. How to make money
    • Explore various ways to earn income including work, investment and self-employment.
    • Choose financial activities that match your skills and interests.
  5. Wise exchange
    • Manage daily and monthly expenses effectively.
    • Use methods to maintain a balance between spending and saving.
  6. Plan for financial emergencies
    • Prepare plans to deal with potential financial emergencies.
    • How to build a strategy to maintain your financial stability.
  7. Practical exercises (tests)
    • Conduct practical tests and exercises to measure the level of understanding and application.

Day 2: Investment and financial planning

  1. Investment and its types
    • The concept of investment and its importance in achieving financial goals.
    • Classification of investment types and how to choose them.
  2. financial planning
    • The process of setting realistic financial goals.
    • Developing a strategy to achieve financial goals.
  3. Family and bank budget
    • Prepare a personal budget and use banking services effectively.
    • How to track and control expenses.
  4. The keys to wealth and its stages
    • Understanding the stages of wealth building and financial foundations.
    • Develop a long-term strategy to achieve financial wealth.
  5. Savings Challenge
    • How to enhance personal saving and investment.
    • Successful experiences from individuals who succeeded in achieving their financial goals.
  6. Practical exercises (websites and books + Excel sheet)
    • Explore useful websites and books to enhance financial literacy.
    • Use worksheets and Excel tools to analyze and track financial data.

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